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UCFC Rules

Utah County Football Conference



ARTICLE I: Statement of Principles

Conference Purpose - The conference is established to benefit the players.  The goal is for all players to (1) learn how to play football, develop basic football skills (2) learn the value of teamwork, (3) have a positive experience that builds character, good sportsmanship, and love for the game.


ARTICLE II: Conference Structure

1.         The Utah County Football Conference (UCFC) Board will be made up

of the following positions

                        a.         Conference Commissioner -

                                    i.          Elected by the UCFC Board

                                    ii.         To serve a term of 2 years.


                        b.         Treasurer/Secretary

                                    i.          Responsible for keeping all financial records

                                    ii.         Responsible for keeping minutes of all conference meetings.

                                    iii.        Act as Conference Commissioner in his or her absence.


                        c.         The President or designee from each district (any of which may also fill

one of the positions listed above.

                                    i.          Responsible for attending conference meetings and voting on

                                                conference issues

                                    ii.         Districts: American Fork, Lehi, Lone Peak, Mountain View, Pleasant Grove, Provo, Skyridge, and Westlake.

                                    iii.        Presidents of new districts can be added to the Board - However,  

the new district president will not have a vote in conference            decisions until the district fields at least 5 teams from different                                          grades and has participated in the UCFC over two years with the five teams or better.


            2.         Each member of the UCFC Board will have one vote when decisions are made

                        a.         More than half the UCFC Board must be present to make decisions.  All

                                    Board members must have been notified of the meeting.

b.         Simple majority decides issues with exception to By-Law changes than a supermajority or 3/4 is needed for changes.

                        c.         Decisions can be made via email or text

                        d.         Conference Commissioner is non-voting unless there is a tie


ARTICLE III: UCFC Duties and Responsibilities


The Utah County Football Conference (UCFC) is responsible for the following:


            1.         Insurance for all players, coaches and the board members

                        a.         The conference will provide liability and secondary medical insurance

            2.         Provide Field markers and chain sets

            3.         Scheduling - regular season and play-off games

            4.         Referees - schedule and pay for referees

            5.         Define field representative responsibilities and duties.  Reimburse districts

                        for field representative fees

            6.         The conference will estimate annual costs for insurance, referees,

                        championship medals and t-shirts, field fees and equipment needs and

                        charge a per player fee to each district to cover these costs

            7.         Provide a minimum play sheet that will be used and completed by each coach

                        in grades 1-8

            8.         Manage the conference weigh in and publish a list of X men for each team

                        last name and jersey number only

            9.         Maintain conference website - with schedules, results and standings

            10.       The conference will review complaints and protests.  Decisions will be made

                        after review by a simple majority vote

            11.       Publish a concussion protocol that will be followed by coaches, parents and



ARTICLE IV: District Duties and Responsibilities

District Responsibilities


1.         Advertising

2.         Registering players

            a.         Ensure all players sign a waiver that includes items required by the

                        insurance company.

            b.         Verify the eligibility of each player, grade and that address is within

                        applicable boundary of the district

3.         Recruiting / selecting coaches - quality coaches will be provided for both A & B


4.         Creating teams

            a.         Provide number of teams to the conference by July 31st

            b.         Provide printed team rosters one week before the first scheduled game

                        i.          Rosters must include photo, full name, date of birth, grade, jersey

                                    number, and whether the older but lighter and Z Down rules apply. 

            c.         Teams are formed by players grades in August of the current year

            d.         Players may be allowed to play with older grades - requires the

                        recommendation of the district president and board approval

            e.         Districts will provide teams in the following divisions

                        i.          1st & 2nd Grade

                        ii.         3rd Grade

                        iii.        4th Grade

                        iv.        5th Grade (A/B split)

                        v.         6th Grade (A/B split)

                        vi.        7th Grade (A/B Split)

                        vii.       8th Grade (A/B Split)

                        viii.      9th Grade (A/B Split)

            f.          No all-star teams in 1st - 4th grade.  If multiple teams are provided in

                        grades 1st - 4th, the district will create equally skilled teams

5.         District will provide the following to each player:

            a.         Shoulder Pads

            b.         Helmet (NOCSAE certified)

            c.         Pants (up to district to determine if they provide practice and game pants

                        or just one pair of pants) - Game pant color must be approved by the


            d.         Pads for pants (hip pads, tail pad, thigh pads, knee pads)

            e.         Game Jersey (name on jersey - district discretion) - Jersey color must be     

                        approved by the Conference to ensure districts do not use similar colored


            f.          Helmet decal (district discretion)

6.         The District calculates and charges a fee to the players that covers the following


            a.         Per player fee paid to conference

            b.         Equipment listed in above

            c.         Equipment replacement (as needed)

7.         The District is responsible for monitoring coaches and teams to ensure

            compliance with Conference rules (number or practices etc.)

8.         The Districts will enforce any suspensions of coaches for minimum play

violations, behavioral violations - and ensure all coaches pass background

checks at least every two years prior to commencement of tryouts/practices

9.         The Districts will own, store and maintain district equipment

10.       Each District will elect a board that consists of at least 3 members.  Each

            District will also be responsible for providing at least 1 person to serve on

            the Conference Board.

11.       Each District will maintain UCFC approved by-laws

            12.       Field preparation - each District will arrange for at least 2 fields and be

                        responsible for marking fields in their boundary and having a field rep at each

location during game times.         

            13.       Districts must have a district representative at all play-off games in which

                        they have a team playing.

            14.       Each District shall be a not-for-profit or non-profit entity.


ARTICLE V: District Boundaries / Team Organization

District boundaries


            Districts will be organized by High School boundaries.  Players 1-8th grades must play for the high school district where they reside. 9th grade is open enrollment.


                        Any other group/district joining the conference will be required to abide by the

                        high school boundary requirements unless the Board creates a temporary

                        exception to enable growth.


            1.         A/B Teams will be organized for 5th - 9th grades.

                        a.         The number of A/B teams per grade depends on the number of teams in

                                    each grade.  A District can petition the Conference for a different number

                                    of A and B teams

                                    i.          1 team - one A

                                    ii.         2 teams - one A and one B

                                    iii.        3 teams - one A and two B

                                    iv.        4 teams - two A and tow B

v.         5 teams - two A and three B


2.         A/B team selection - all players in each grade will have an opportunity to try out

for an A team.  Grades will practice together for at least three days before

selecting the A team.  If more than one A team - the district will create equal teams through a draft or other selection process.


3.         Team size - each team should consist of a maximum of 26 players.  At the coach’s

discretion, he/she can choose to add additional players.  The minimum play rule

applies regardless of team size.


4.         Team Colors - District helmet and jersey colors must be pre-approved by the

Conference.  Current approved colors:


a.         American Fork - Red helmets, red and black jerseys

b.         Lehi - Black helmets, purple jerseys, white jerseys

c.         PG - Blue helmets, blue and gray jerseys

d.         LP - Maroon helmets, maroon jerseys, gold jerseys, white jerseys

e.         Westlake - White helmets, navy blue and white jerseys        

f.          Mountain View - Black Helmets,  black or white jerseys

g.         Skyridge - Burnt Orange and Silver

h.        Provo - Green, White, and Grey


            5.         Recruiting - no coach will recruit players from outside his/her district



ARTICLE VI: Player Eligibility / X Man Rules / Team Sizes


Weight Limits

                        1st & 2nd Grade -       75 lbs.

                        3rd Grade -                 85 lbs.

                        4th Grade -                  95 lbs.

                        5th Grade -                  105 lbs.

                        6th Grade -                  120 lbs.

                        7th Grade -                  135 lbs.

                        8th Grade -                  165 lbs.

                        9th Grade -                  No X Weight


            “Older but lighter: Rule -


            Older players must weigh 10 pounds less than the X weight of the grade they will be playing in, in order to not be a X man.


            Following are the dates and ages for each grade.  Age is based on current year


                        1st & 2nd Grade -       If 8 before May 1st - older but lighter applies

                        3rd Grade -                 If 9 before May 1st - older but lighter applies

                        4th Grade -                  If 10 before May 1st - older but lighter applies

                        5th Grade -                  If 11 before May 1st - older but lighter applies

                        6th Grade -                  If 12 before May 1st - older but lighter applies

                        7th Grade -                  If 13 before May 1st - older but lighter applies

            8th Grade -                  If 14 before May 1st - older but lighter applies


            Each district is responsible for validating the players and should keep a copy of the

            players birth certificates


            If “Older but lighter” the player may NOT “Z-down”


Z Down Rule


            This rule exists to improve the experience for smaller, less experienced players.


            No Z-Down to 1st & 2nd Grade or 8th Grade

            No Z-Down to an A Team.


            A player will be able to Z-down to play in the grade below their current grade if they

            weigh 20 pounds less than the X limit for the lower grade.


            Z-downs must be approved by the district, indicated on the official team roster, and

            submitted to the Conference.


                        1st & 2nd Grade -       75 lbs - NO Z-down to 1st & 2nd Grade

                        3rd Grade -                 85 lbs - Z-down Weight 65 lbs.

                        4th Grade -                  95 lbs - Z-down Weight 75 lbs.

5th Grade -                  105 lbs - Z-down Weight 85 lbs.

6th Grade -                  120 lbs -  Z-down Weight 100 lbs.

7th Grade -                  135 lbs -  Z-down Weight 115 lbs.

8th Grade -                  165 - NO Z-down to 8th Grade


 Players playing up: Players can play up from their grade at any grade level. That player can play on either A or B teams. That is a district level decision but we recommend all players play with their own grades.

                The exception to this rule is if a player has played or is practicing with the high school Sophomore-Varsity teams after the weigh-in, they will not be permitted to come back down and play with the UCFC for that same season. 


            Player Weigh In:


            The conference will run one weigh-in before beginning of the season.  The weigh-in

            date will be determined and published by July 15th each year.  All players across the

            conference will weigh in during that weigh-in.

                        1.         Each district must provide two copies of each team roster before a team

can be weighed.  The rosters shall include the following for each player: 

photo, full name, date of birth, grade, jersey number, and whether the older but lighter rule applies.

                        2.         Conference representatives will run the weigh-in

                        3.         Players must weigh in wearing a minimum of shorts and a shirt.


            Players not present at the weigh-in shall be designated an X man.  An X man must have

            a visible X on the back of their helmet.  If the UCFC does not provide an X sticker, the

            player must use tape or some other method - a different color than their helmet.


            A makeup weigh in may be scheduled.  If a player was marked as a X man because

            they missed the first weigh-in, the X designation may be removed if they weigh in

            under the X weight at a makeup weigh in.  A player weighing in at an X man weight

            MAY NOT thereafter have that designation removed at any time during the season

            regardless of weight loss.

*After the final weigh-in be it the first and only or a second make up weigh-in all rosters will be final. To add a player after this point, it will require a majority board vote. 


            Mid-Season Weigh-In:


            Players weighing in within 5 pounds of the grade weight limit during the preseason

            weigh-in will be required to attend a mid-season weigh-in.  Any player weighing over

            the limit at the mid-season weigh-in will be designated as an X man for the balance of

            the season.  Any player, designated as a mid-season weigh-in player, who fails to report

            for the mid-season weigh-in will automatically be considered an X man thereafter.


            X Man Rule


            X men can only play the following positions on offense - center, guard, tackle.  They

            cannot line up in a position where they are eligible receivers.


            X men can play any position on Defense and are allowed to advance both fumbles and



On Special teams, X men must be the front two lines or line of scrimmage. 


An x-man is allowed to advance the ball off of a fumble, interception, pooched kick, etc., but

is not allowed to advance the ball off of a punt if he is lined up as a skill position.  


ARTICLE VII: Coaches / Adult Volunteers


The following are prerequisites for adult participation in UCFC:


            1.         The head coach must be 21 years of age or older.  A 21 year old or older coach

                        or assistant must be present at all practices and games.

            2.         All members of teams’ staffs shall adhere to the following coaching ethics during

                        all practices and games;

                                    a.         Will conduct himself according to good sportsmanship and fair


                                    b.         Will not use abusive or profane language, to players, officials

                                                or fans.

                                    c.         Will not be under influence of alcohol or drugs.

                                    d.         Will not use tobacco at practices or games.


An adult may be barred from further participation in the UCFC for any of the following violations:

            1.         By striking any other coach, official, player, spectator, or other participant in

                        the UCFC.

            2.         Any sufficient cause such as unsportsmanlike conduct or profane language.

            3.         Knowingly permitting a player to re-enter a game once he is badly injured, thus

                        jeopardizing the player's health or permitting a previously injured player to

                        practice or play without a written release from the doctor. 

            4.         Attempting to discourage, run-off or cut less desirable players.

            5.         Is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at games or practices.


Minimum play violation - Failure to fill out a UCFC required minimum play sheet will result in a warning, a second violation will result in a one week suspension and can result in a loss of that game.




The official game ball for each grade is as follows:


            1st & 2nd Grade -       Pee Wee

            3rd Grade -                 Pee Wee

            4th Grade -                  Pee Wee

            5th Grade -                  Junior 

            6th Grade -                  Junior

            7th Grade -                  Youth

            8th Grade -                  Youth

            9th Grade -                  High School


Teams are responsible to provide their own regulation ball for their offensive series.


ARTICLE IV: Conditioning and Practices


Practice Rules:

            1.         Players may participate in camps run by high schools, universities or community

                        groups.  Any camp run by individual coaches must be a conditioning camp and be

                        pre-approved by the coach’s district board.  Any district camp must be

                        pre-approved by the conference board.  Any coach who violates this rule

                        will be suspended for the fall season.  (9th Grade teams are subject to High

                        School rules.

            2.         Conditioning Camps

                        a.         Must be open to multiple grades,

                        b.         Must be advertised to all registered players within the district in those


                        c.         Date, times and locations must be provided to the district

                        d.         Activities allowed include: speed, agility, conditioning activities. 

                                    Prohibited activities include:  breaking into teams that will exist

                                    during the season to teach offensive and/or defensive plays.

            3.         Any camp run by the district must be an instructional non-contact/non-team clinic

                        and must be open to all youth who want to participate (camp must be advertised

                        to all eligible participants)

                        a.         Activities allowed include: fundamental skills (passing, receiving, stances,

                                    technique, etc.), speed, agility, conditioning activities.

                        b.         Not allowed - breaking into teams that will exist during the season and

                                    teaching offensive / defensive plays.

            4.         Team can practice 6 days a week for 2 hours each practice up until the week

                        Alpine School District classes start.

            5.         Full pads can be worn beginning the first day of practice.

            6.         Once school begins, practices will be limited to 2 hours a day, teams are allowed

                        3 practices between games


            7.         Practices start when team activities begin.

            8.         Teams are allowed to gather outside of practice for film sessions.

            9.         All districts will start tryouts and practices on the same date.  That date is

                        typically 4 weeks before the Alpine School District starts classes.  The start

                        date will be decided on and published by the Conference before the season begins.


ARTICLE IV: Conditioning and Practices


Minimum Play Rule:  Each player shall be afforded the maximum opportunity to participate in each game.  The minimum play rule applies to all regular season and play-off games.


Each player will be guaranteed a minimum of 10 plays during each game.  Special teams plays count towards the minimum play rule.


Increase in minimum play requirements:

            1.         If the leading team is ahead by 21 or more points at the end of the 1st quarter -

                        all players on that team are guaranteed at least 16 plays during the game.

            2.         If the leading team is ahead by 21 or more points at the end of the 2nd quarter -

                        all players on that team are guaranteed at least 13 plays during the game.

            3.         If the leading team is ahead by 21 or more points at the end of the 3rd quarter -

                        all players on that team are guaranteed at least 12 plays during the game.


Minimum plays are tracked for non-starters only.  Head Coaches are responsible for ensuring all players play the minimum required plays and for submitting a completed minimum play sheet to the field representatives after each game.


Minimum play sheets must be maintained throughout the game.  The field representative will check the play sheet at half time and collect the play sheet at the end of the game.  Any coach caught filling out the player participation portion of the play sheet at half-time or at the end of the game will be given a warning.  A second violation will result in a one game suspension for the Head Coach and can result in a loss of that game.


Players who have missed practice during the week are not guaranteed their minimum plays.


Game Length:  Game length for each division will be as follows


            1st & 2nd Grade -       90 min (16 min running clock quarters)

            3rd Grade -                 90 min (16 min running clock quarters)

            4th Grade -                  90 min (16 min running clock quarters)

            5th Grade -                  90 min (16 min running clock quarters)

            6th Grade -                  90 min (16 min running clock quarters)

            7th Grade -                  90 min (16 min running clock quarters)

8th Grade -                  120 min (20 min running quarters)

9th Grade A -              High School Rules


Coaching Help -

1.         1st - 4th Grade - One coach from each team can be on the field for 1st - 4th

Grade teams.  Coaches can call offensive and defensive plays in the huddle, but

must stay back out of the way after huddle breaks.  As soon as the quarterback is

in position to receive the snap, the coaches on the field must be back at least

fifteen (15) yards and they cannot communicate with the players until the play is

over.  Coach changes can only be made during time-outs or changes in


                        a.         Violation of the rule will result in a warning for the first offense,

                                    an unsportsmanlike penalty for additional offenses.

2.         Number of Coaches - No more than 6 coaches are allowed on the sideline during

            a game (this includes a person/coach tracking the minimum plays)

                        a.         One photographer/videographer will be allowed on the sideline.

                                    NO ladders or scaffolding allowed for those taking video.


Team Location - teams will be on opposite sidelines with either a rope or line marked at least 6’ from the sideline running from back of end zone to back of end zone parallel with the sideline.


Cheerleaders - The cheerleading squads must be at the back or either end zone.  They are not allowed inside the rope of the side line.


Similar Jersey’s - If two teams have the same or similar jersey’s pennies will be worn to differentiate between teams.  The home team will wear the pennies during the first half and the visiting team will wear the jerseys during the second half of the game.  The home team is responsible for providing the pennies.


Time Outs - Each team has 3 time outs per half that will stop the clock for 30 seconds when called.

Delay of Game - Snap - The 1st - 6th Grade division will have 30 seconds to snap the ball.  The 7th & 8th Grade divisions will have 25 seconds to snap the ball.


Protect the Center - Grades 1-3 - For grades 1-3 teams can-not cover the center - no nose guard or linebacker lined up at the line of scrimmage.  Violation of this rule will be treated as a dead ball procedure foul.


Penalties - Penalties in the conference will be per Utah High School Football playing rules.


Rule Book - The official rule book for conducting all games shall be the “High School Rule Book”  This shall be superseded by written rules of the UCFC which are in conflict with it.  In these cases, UCFC rules will be controlling.


Kick Offs - 1st - 2nd grade - No Kick offs.  80 yard field - Offense will start with the ball on the 20, 100 yard field offense will start with the ball on the 30.  All other grades, kick off on the 80 yard field from the 30 yard line, on a 100 yard field from the 40 yard line.


Conversion scoring - A team will receive one (1) point for conversion from the 1.5 - yard line and two (2) points for conversion from the 3 yard line.


Tie Game - Tie Breaker - In the event of a tie, a winner will be determined using the Kansas overtime rule.

            1.         Teams will flip a coin at the beginning of the overtime and the winning team can

                        choose to play offense first or defense.  Each team will get equal opportunities to



                        a.         Regular rules (including the play clock rules) apply during the overtime.

                        b.         1st - 6th will start with the ball on the 10 yard line.  If neither team scores,

                                    the ball will be moved to the 5 yard line, then the 2 yard line for all future


                        c.         7th & 8th Grade will start on the 20 yard line (regular rules apply - teams

                                    can get a first down during overtime) if neither team scores then the ball

                                    is moved to the 10 yard line for the next attempt and the 5 yard line for the

                                    next and future attempts. 

                        d.         Each team will have 1 timeout during overtime.


Blitzing - No restrictions


Punting Rules

            1.         Grades 1st - 5th are allowed a free kick - no rushing the punter

                        a.         Team must declare intentions to punt or run a play on 4th down

                        b.         All players stay still until the ball is punted.

            2.         Grades 6th - 8th will play regular High school rules


Team Standings and Play-Off Seeding:  At the end of regular season play, team standings will be determined by:

            1.         Win/Loss record.

                        a.         If still tied, then:  Win/Loss record in head to head competition.

                        b.         If still tied, then:  record against common opponents

                        c.         If still tied then:  Coin toss

                                    i.          If teams are tied for the last playoff spot - rather than a coin

                                                toss, there will be a playoff game between the tied teams.  The

                                                play-off game may be less than a full regulation game - i.e. it may

                                                be a lesser number of quarters.

Playoffs - If the grade division has 7 teams the first 6 games of regular season play will determine playoff qualification. All 7 teams will go to playoffs ie. 1 will play winner of 4vs5, and winner of 2vs7 will play winner of 3vs6. Winners of those games will play for the championship.

In grade division with 8 or more teams, the top 8 teams go to playoffs ie. 1vs8, 2vs7 etc. in brackets. The remaining teams will play each other for their 8th game. ie. 9vs10, 11vs12. Winner of 1v8 will play winner of 4vs5, and winner of 2vs7 will play winner of 3vs6. Winners of those games will play for the championship.

The Conference reserves the right to change the play off rules depending on the size of a division or in order to get each team an 8th game.


Field Rep Duties - The Conference will schedule and pay field reps per game

            1.         Field reps will be hired and trained prior to the season start

            2.         Field reps should introduce themselves to coaches before the games begin.

3.         Field reps should explain they will be reviewing minimum play sheets at

half time and collecting the play sheets at the end of each game.

4.         Collected play sheets should be turned into the respective District. Each District is

            in charge of entering the scores of the games played on their fields each week.

5.         The field rep should report to the District President any coach who has not filled

in a play sheet - or is caught rapidly filling in the play sheet at half time or at the

end of the game.

6.         The field rep should also report to the District President any issues with coaches

that are disrespectful or out of line.

7.         The field rep is responsible for ensuring coaches and parents clean up after games

- teams/parents not cleaning up after games will be reported to the District


            8.         It is the responsibility of the District President to forward applicable issues to the




Scouting - Videotaping your own team for instructional purposes is allowed.  There will be no scouting of other teams’ practices or scrimmages.  Coaches are allowed to film other teams’ games, they are also allowed to purchase film on opposing teams.

Violations of Rules - A violation of any rule contained herein may subject a Conference, team, or individual to any one or all of the following penalties; said penalties to be levied by the UCFC Board:

            1.         Suspension, expulsion, ineligibility, or probation of coaches or players.

            2.         Forfeiture of game or games.

            3.         Disqualification from competing, or taking part in playoff or championship games


Specific Rule Violations

            1.         Use of illegal player - forfeit games in which player played

                        a.         Illegal player - player playing for the wrong district, player playing

                                    in the wrong grade, X man (based on weigh in’s and official roster) who

                                    plays in violation of the rules.

                        b.         Districts are responsible for ensuring only eligible players play

                        c.         Districts are responsible for investigating all allegations of illegal players

                                    and reporting the results to the entire Conference Board

                        d.         Appeals - coaches / teams will have the opportunity to appeal penalties to

                                    the entire District Board.  The District President may bring it to the

                                    Conference to appeal.  A majority decision by the Board stands


            2.         Practice Violations

                        a.         If a team practices more than allowed or prior to communicated start dates

/ teams will lose practice time / 2 times the amount of practice time in violation.  Example:  if a team practices and extra 2 hours in week one / they will lose 4 hours of practice time the following week.

                        b.         Districts are responsible for ensuring unauthorized practices are not held.


Officials - There shall be a minimum of two (2) officials for each 1st - 3rd Grade games.  There shall be a minimum of three (3) officials for each 4th - 7th Grade games.  There shall be a minimum of four (4) officials for each 8th & 9th Grade games.


Medical Personnel - There will be no paid medical personnel at the games.  Officials will call for medical assistance if necessary.


Field Set up and Field Clean up -

            1.         The teams playing the first game at a field are responsible for setting up field

                        markers etc.

            2.         Each team is responsible for cleaning up their sideline area after their game, as

                        well as their spectator are.

                        a.         Teams not picking up after themselves will be reported to the Conference,

                                    warned after the first offense, a second offense will result in a one game

                                    suspension for the head coach.



            3.         The teams that play the final game of the night are responsible for picking up

                        field markers and for picking up trash from their side of the field as well as all

                        spectator areas.  A final inspection will be conducted by field reps.


Chain Crew - Visiting team will provide 3 people to man the chain crew for each game.  Volunteers must be at least 14 years old.


Coach’s Code of Conduct - The Board will generate a form which will be approved by the Board of Directors which ALL Head Coaches must sign and adhere to, or not coach.


Insurance - The Conference will provide general liability insurance and secondary medical insurance.  Secondary medical insurance covers players who do not have primary medical insurance, it does not cover deductibles etc. due a player's primary medical insurer.


Rule Changes -

            1.         Rules may be changed by bringing an issue up to the Conference.  A majority

                        vote will result in a rule change.

            2.         The Conference is responsible for clarifying rules and publishing these rules to

                        coaches / parents and referees.

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